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Ignacio Flores is an artist willing to go the extra mile for his work... Even if it means taking a private course in BDSM basics from a local dom! What started as purely business turns personal as the two quickly bond over a shared love of rope, roleplay, and all things discipline.

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TONIGHT! 5pm PT / 8pm ET! On Picarto at! @itsnero , @Draekos and yours truly fight... for the right.... TO DRAAAWW ART. I'll have sketch slots open-- fill out the form at to get you one!

With the OHS rerun over, I wanted to announce my next project, ADVERSARY.
It's a graphic novella debuting in the ShortBox Comics Fair this October. More details here!

New Split Check pages are up! Hold your horses.

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So, I saw the ‘Draw 100 heads in x days’ challenge going around & liked the idea, so looked it up. I was disappointed by the lack of diversity, and the inclusion of sculptures/sculpted mugs/3D renders in the collection.

So I started my own Portrait Reference pin board with a wide diversity of race, age, gender, expression etc. I’m going to do the challenge using my own collection!

I share the collection with you as a resource :)

#art #resource #ArtResource #MastoArt

The Quarry plot spoilers 

oh no sorry not the midwest, UPSTATE NEW YORK

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The Quarry plot spoilers 

I do wanna know who was the wise guy that was like "oh yeah they definitely have spooky evil sideshows roaming around the American midwest in the year 2016"

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body horror, The Quarry plot spoilers 

so the newest Supermassive game isn't uh... TOTALLY terrible but ngl, having werewolves transform by literally exploding all their skin off their bodies in a nasty gore bubble is both hilarious AND interesting

on a scale of 1 to Absolutely Not how polite is it to yell out your window at the seattle city light guy and ask him if whatever he's doing to the street lamps is related to the extremely loud explosion an hour ago

Older furries are like "yes, in 2002 I had a conversation with Robert A Wilson about the inevitability of posthuman bodyqueering, and he told me that tallied and to keep up the good work. We were high as balls though so"

Younger furries are like "taur oc = i report you to the police"

In the early 1400s, Edward, Duke of York wrote a hunting and game guide that included a list of over a thousand "names for all manner of hounds."

Some good ones:


A paper including the list of names:

A copy of the manuscript at auction:

hey my friend keetah is in an emergency move situation as her landlord is selling her home

if you could help her out with her moving costs or just spread the word that'd be wonderful!!

New Split Check pages are up! Ray's got you there, buddy.

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TODAY: art stream with @itsnero at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern! I'll be flatting a couple of commissions and answering YOUR QUESTIONS about which colors make people climax the fastest. Don't miss it!

Clip Studio Paint sale 50% off all platforms - if you think you need it now's the time to grab a copy

New Split Check pages are up! Trouble's brewing.

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CSP I love you but literally why are you doing this

for some reason it refuses to use the しんでルペン brush shape that I use for my regular pen on the balloon pen tool? No idea if this is just a weird CSP vector quirk or what. And yet I can change a regular vector balloon to have this shape. I just can't DRAW with it :anguish:

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