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however my little feet cannot totally reach the ground. o well :(

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new computer chairs are out for delivery... Please.......... I Crave Lumbar Support.........

the scam that is credit scores 

experian: wow nero u got good credit look at u!!!

me: hell yeah

experian: u should get more credit cards so lenders like u more!!! U only got TWO and we like FIVE at LEAST

me: what the fuck

Oh this author wrote for the haunting of hill house Netflix series that explains why this is even being given the light of day

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Borrasca (spoilers, murder and gross shit - ) 

Author: “the podcast is a deeper dive into the universe, the lore, and our characters!!!!”

Me: ma’am this story is a thin excuse for u to talk about murdering pregnant women and lots of incest what lore u think is going on here

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Borrasca (the og story and also the podcast) 

Bro this sucks on both a writing level and a general story level how is this becoming a Produced Podcast

monsters-on-human pornography 

It's been about a month since I had this done but shit keeps on goin on and I finally have a brief moment between samples to actually upload this -- Steph finding herself in a precarious position inside the labyrinth. Artist credit goes out to @itsnero who absolutely knocked it out of the park.

There's really no good way of being an online artist right now who needs to do promo to keep meeting the bills, but the least we can do is redirect non-essential funds towards those who need it most.

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May's PDF sketchbook is now available for download. 50% of this months Patreon funds and shop sales are going out to the victim funds listed on the BLM Carrd- not using this as promo for myself, but as transparency for people who already are subscribers, bought something this month, etc.

Support queer-made, independent erotic art and comics for only $5 a month: | ; but go donate first if you haven't already.

( )

me, a normal ass human: wow this world of horror game is pretty fun i-

videogame: would you like a mega milk shirt on this idol character?

me: thank you.

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