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CDC says carry a little bouquet of flowers in your pocket to ward off the miasma and foule humors

this bus’s AC is making some ungodly noises and I want to rescue her

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has anyone mentioned that it’s fuckin hot out because lemme tell you what: it’s fuckin hot out

finally drew something T-T

slightly nsfw: boy with a giant sword and a tiny skirt

New Split Check pages are up! Just some guys bein' dudes, y'know?

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

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TONIGHT! 5pm PT / 8pm ET! @itsnero , @Draekos , and yours truly once again descend into the deepest, darkest caverns of our shadowy inner psyches, only to return... with ART. Come watch!

July’s Patreon sketchbook is now available for $5+ backers! If you want to see behind-the-scenes work on Adversary, this is where to find it!


finding new and adventurous ways to put vermouth into things

More PRIDE 2: THE PRIDENING game night with other Iron Circus Comix creators in 30 min!

New Split Check pages are up! Mmmphphph? Mmmpphpmhmhmhhm!!

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

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King County Metro buses are free to ride until end of service Friday. The entire fleet is air conditioned and they're acting as cooling stations during the heat wave. If you're in Seattle and need to cool off, hop on a bus!


racked my first bottle of honey wine today, hell yes

a little secret about Stray (2022). many gamers have fallen in love with the cute animal from the videogame.. and can you blame them! who could resist! but did you know the game is based on real life? it turns out, cats are actually real!! get in touch with your local authorities to find the best locations to witness and touch cats

tfw you're forty six years old and you still have nightmares about the Applesauce Man

I can appreciate a game series w a guy who's name can be read as MANSEX though

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