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Designed a beer label! CW for photo of alcohol 

I finally got asked to design a beer label! I'll post just the artwork at some point, but here's a photo.

#mastoart #art #illustration #design

I tried to add alt text and it posted as another post. Grandpa needs to get offline

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I should watch the latest season even though my Japanese is still uhhh Child Level it’s cool I’ll just absorb Comics Comradery Vibes

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Also thinking about the Akiko Higashimura episode where she draws all her work while wearing a purple tracksuit. Queen

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Thinking about the Takao Saito ep of Manben where he shows up to draw Golgo and nothing else

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perspective grids? 3d model setup? photo bashing backgrounds?? Idek

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every time I think about how it’d be neat to hire comic assistants I immediately get stuck on what they’d even DO, because I like to doing all of it, even the boring shit

May's PDF sketchbook is up! Monsters, pup play, and more.

Join me over on Patreon for as little as $2 per month, or $5 a month to see more gay art and comics!

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New Split Check pages are up! A lot of assumptions.

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

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okay this is now a funny water in anime thread

also tiger & bunny s2 is good actually

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tfw you have felt the muscles and you know they are good because you are the most dedicated muscle enthusiast in the world and can see the way other cyclists are going to move by looking at their fucking muscles

yowamushi pedal is so good. please read or watch it. both are good. absolutely lush with freaky fucking dudes.

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this fucking scene from yowamushi pedal lives in my mind rent free forever

New Split Check pages are up! You gotta do what you gotta do, man.

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to start reading!

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Who else is ready for a 🏳️‍⚧️HOT TRANS SUMMER🏳️‍⚧️?

It's time for the first of THREE June sticker drops: This 3" transparent sticker has an opaque layer of ink behind the design for a brilliant water-surface effect!

Store: (US & Canada)
Etsy: (Most everywhere else)

your phones/IG/photos are attached to these accounts. who raised you

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drug mention 

I am simply beginning young queers to stop trying to get drug hookups through lex

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