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that stupid sweetweird essay 

as annoying as this is to admit, there’s a lot of modern webcomics that would fit what this author is going for, and yet she cites much more corporate entertainment (fucking peacemaker? really?) first. interesting, that.

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that stupid sweetweird essay 

the people who write these kinds of manifestos really do have the most milquetoast taste in modern animation, jesus

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that stupid sweetweird essay, our flag means death spoilers 

did they miss the part where a man is fed his own toe

New Split Check pages are up! Small talk.

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Streaming art at 5pm PT today! Not sure exactly what I'll be working on just yet, but it should be a chill one.

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me thinking about a perfect world where every artist gets money and housing so they can make their work in fuckin peace

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TONIGHT! 5pm PT / 8pm ET! Join @Draekos , @itsnero and yours truly as we venture into the ART ZONE, because ART OWNS! ...That's the best I got today. Look it's Pride Month you're not allowed to be mean to me

youtuber: hey look at this comics sharehouse! isn't it neat that there's a local government program to sponsor comics! :D

me: damn nice


me: please no

there's also two whole British people in this class and I hope no one has asked them about that pottery throwdown show. I want them to stay pure

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truly amazed today during pottery class when we got to whack clay cubes with big wooden paddles and not a SINGLE person made a cum joke. I can't tell if this is good or bad

This year's limited 100-count run of TRANS QVP MASKS are ON SALE NOW!! All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawai'i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky! Grab one here-- they're gonna go fast!

New Split Check pages are up! Well golly.

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it's nice out so of course i have been afflicted with sleepy bitch disease

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