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literally cannot wait to go to that big star trek con in the future and just be a big huge piece of shit. "who's picard? oh yea the bald white frenchie. do we ever see his dick? no? who cares" *takes a huge bong rip*

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bringing back cyberbullying exclusively to get glasses-pushing nerds to shut da fuck up

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: you can watch a recording of the first exciting episode of our charity D&D show THE HELP ACTION over on Twitch!

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Emergency fundraising, immediate action required. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST 

Okay, y’all... I need help. Big major, I’m-going-to-lose-everything, god-please-help-me help. I’ve detailed my situation as best as I can in the description of my gofundme, so please read it it and share wherever you can, whether you donate or not. Thank you πŸ–€ This is all I can do now.

REMINDER: Our charity D&D stream starts TONIGHT at 7pm Pacific on ! Don't miss it!

AND ALSO: check out these cool character portraits I inked for the campaign! did the pencils, @itsnero did the colors!

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This is ZomboCom! And welcome to you, who have come to ZomboCom. Anything ... is possible ... at ZomboCom. You can do ... anything at ZomboCom. The infinite is possible at ZomboCom. The unattainable is unknown at ZomboCom. Welcome to ZomboCom. This ... is ZomboCom.

Welcome to ZomboCom. Welcome. This ... is ... ZomboCom. Welcome ... to ZomboCom!

Welcome ... to ZomboCom.

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CRUCIAL RATSTATUS UPDATE!! Please welcome to the family Dantalion (aka Dani) and Murmur (aka Murray), our two new baby girls! πŸπŸπŸ’–πŸ’–β­οΈβ­οΈ

monsters-on-human pornography (bondage, mmf, dp) 

It's a day that ends in Y, so of course Steph is having a complete situation with some beefy ass minotaur dudes! Artwork courtesy of @itsnero whomst you should absolutely hit up for your bespoke hunkworks!

Now that we're two weeks out from release I'm excited to finally reveal that I did one of the episode title cards for this season of the game, featuring everyone's favorite Brad, Brad! If you haven't played EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER yet, now's a great chance to get into it!

ALSO check out the season 2 trailer here:

Twitter link, bigotry in Colorado (Safer Boulder leaks) 

CO Friends: might wanna keep an eye out for these assholes, especially since a lot of em seem to be business owners in the Boulder area

i love csp to bits but every once in a while somehow my paint bucket settings change to not work the way they usually do and it makes me very


If you're afraid of not supporting content creators, remember that the revenue they get from ads is absolutely minimal and if you were to donate three cents to their patreon per month you'd probably be giving them more money than your views' worth on YouTube

Donating directly to projects you like is much better than subjecting yourself to ads, both for them and for your mental health

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