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Today's Smash announcement had ten thousand pornographers waiting with bated breath to find out who the new character was.

9950 of them yelled FUCK and snapped their stylus in half, while the remaining few are far too powerful for this world.


Even if you won't be able to participate in our October issue, would you give us a RT? We love to have new authors and artists join us as contributors!


with hot monster guys

with hot monster guys

all those hot hot monster guys

i've resisted using zoom until today, when i found out that they now have a "touch up my appearance" filter

am i that vain? maybe. do i look like shit on camera? generally,


i will never tire of legumes. i will inhale them to my last breath. people who are bored of beans are foolish and cowardly

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food mention 

apparently there's a new quarantine cooking podcast out by samin nosrat and hrishikesh hirway and the first episode is about BEANS!!!!!!


listen i know this song is about crushes or whatever but there's nothing you can say that will dissuade me from thinking that it is ALSO about vampires

here's the hot take and i'm not convinced y'all are ready for this 

"i don't wanna think about [persistent race-related issues on the fedi] i just wanna post about how gay i am"
is covert white supremacy

responding "i'm white BUT ..." to That Poll is covert white supremacy

β€œApple granted the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester accused of setting police cars on fire in #Seattle this summer, according to court documents.”


Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

I’m the internet. I’m here to give you kinks and then make fun of you. Here’s a video of a guy

Hey, look at this thing my friend Mint wrote on why he left.

You'll probably make fun of it like you do with the daily dot article.

But maybe you'll read it and... think? Reflect? Change?


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