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I would say “can a fellow tri state area person talk me out of getting this shirt” but we all know that nothing anyone can say could prevent me from wearing this

Really says something about the predominant culture on Mastodon that I'm seeing people CW posts literally with "BLM" and "Police abolition" as though it is lewd or commonly triggering to acknowledge that black lives matter.

And not CWing posts about living safe and happy in the burbs spending all day playing video games not even having to think about police abolition as though that's not deeply discordant and upsetting to people w national guard on their block

A cop low key was trying to follow me home

From the concert

Because I "looked suspicious"

So I had to walk in the opposite direction of my house until I got the wealthier parts of the neighborhood and then he left me alone and I took a circuitous route to get home

Black people have to deal with that every day except they can't even use the trick I used because that would make them "more suspicious" to the cop.

And people are on here CWing for black lives mattering

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lifecycle of a POC online:

Enter a new social platform, bright eyed and excited.
Make friends with a bunch of people with similar interests.
feel good and comfortable and like you’re finally home.
Someone does some racist shit
Protest it.
Two groups form: people who care, people who don’t. Debate ensues on some sort of punishment/compromise
This is COYA: some places something is done. Other places there’s a giant explosion of discourse and nothing is really fixed

An important thing Atenea pointed out to me: Racism is an issue not of morality, but of power. No one really cares if you like black people or don't like black people. They care that there is a system in place of dehumanizing and harming black people. Reflecting on whiteness and bias in yourself is valuable, but it's not as valuable as dismantling racist systems. Give money away, organize with your black co-workers against your boss, win battles in the public domain.

it feels like a good time to remind folks that if you would like a news source that does not serve capitalists and would rather report on police brutality than on looting Means Morning News exists. means tv is $10 a month but they've often posted about offering free subscriptions to those that can't afford that cost.

oh going by just the flavor text i KNOW today's new mag archives ep is gonna be a sad one, ain't it

White queer people: imagine if a bunch of cishet people started texting you saying "hey I know it's Pride month so I'm finally reading queer theory, wait am I allowed to say that? Hey, what does 'FTM' mean? What is a binder? Vers is short for Versace, right? Hey are you ok? I mean it, you can tell me. If not, I posted a rainbow on Instagram, that's good, right?" That would be really fucking annoying in a very short span of time, and it would do you no good.

So, don't be that person to others.

neighbors, especially those who weren't at the protests this past weekend: PLEASE sign up to talk during the city council meeting tomorrow discussing police brutality. You only need to give a 2 minute comment over the phone tomorrow during the meeting.

Both Solan and Durkan need to resign, aside from all of the other changes that need to happen. Make your voices heard directly.

When your whole timeline is telling people to hide your posts about this stuff it drives people back onto Twitter to talk about it which is under far heavier state surveillance than Mastodon

If you're not in one of these major cities on fire then cool! You already have far more peace than we do. Stop putting it on US to accommodate you, as though we aren't all anxious too, as if we're neurotypical.

I'm not even not using CWs on my posts. I'm against the ACTION of these calls for CWs.

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I'm literally having to close my windows to keep smoke and tear gas out of my apartment. Shit is LITERALLY on fire surrounding me

& here I am arguing about fucking content warnings

If you want to read something read a book or something you don't have to read your timeline if it's stressing you out

Talk to your friends over DMs or discord groups instead

You literally don't have to center white anxiety and shut down conversations on current events by doing the ACTION of making these CW posts

source is My Neighbor Was A Porn Star by Mec. it’s alright but if you wanna read it you should read it legally on futakiya instead of some shitty scanlation site that doesn’t pay authors for their work

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