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The family of George Floyd have confirmed that this is the only legitimate fundraiser they are operating. not sure which fake ones, if any, may have been going around here earlier but this is it:

TMA (spoilers in general SORRY LAST ONE) 

also also damn martin way to talk about how much you hate burn scars when you're ostensibly dating someone with a not-insignificant one on his hand THATS COLD LIL MAN

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TMA (spoilers in general and also future speculation) 

additionally this recent ep kind of feeds my person pet headcanon that martin is definitely either becoming or is already an avatar of The Web, considering how he reacted to even the IDEA of going inside, and considering how The Desolation and The Web have been at odds this entire time

thinky thoughts!!!

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TMA ep 169 (spoilers) 

the sound design on this one is fuckin chef kiss impeccable but also: jesus fucking christ jon can't we like, have a picnic or something for one episode

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The Magnus Archives ep 169 (fire/mass suffering/spoilers) 

wow they sure did release this ep two weeks before the three year anniversary of the grenfell tower fires huh


please consider donating to the Navajo & Hopi relief fund. Native Americans have very few resources during the epidemic:

continuing to yell about Terrace House: Tokyo 

Jesus Christ people are in and out of this house like a revolving door CALM DOWN YALL

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continuing to yell about Terrace House: Tokyo 

if Ruka doesn’t learn English while having TWO English speakers in this house I will fucking riot

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continuing to yell about Terrace House: Tokyo 

just got to the ep after Ryo is introduced and the fact that he almost immediately is like “this bathroom is gross and we need to clean it” “this kitchen is disgusting who lives like this” gives me LIFE

PSA/Acvitism Snitch Warning; fedi user who keeps being invited into leftist circles 

Because she is apparently still welcome unchallenged in various leftist organizing circles, I would like to remind you that Laurelai Bailey ( is a snitch who landed two activists in prison. There are zero acceptable excuses for letting a person who landed an activist in prison hang around your leftist organizing circles.


Like… Whether you believe her alleged victims or not about the several allegations of sexual assault and sexual abuse allegedly commited by her, she openly admits to being a snitch. At least two people have been imprisoned for important leftist work thanks to her “FBI cooperation”.

when u dead inside but ur garden gives u reason to stay tethered to the mortal realm and tbh its POPPIN

I caved and started watching the Parasyte anime (gif, body horror) 

okay THIS is really funny tho


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I caved and started watching the Parasyte anime 

weird gross 90s sexism aside, it's surprisingly good?? i originally didn't like the art style but it's growing on me.

kinda just makes me wanna re-read the comic tho lmao

I didn't expect for Lana Del Rey to get cancelled today but here we are 

literally why am I not surprised that she finally went Full White Lady rn, covid brain makes fools of us all

Twitter made a "reply if there's a better app" post and then restricted the replies.

pandemic, cheeto in chief :blobcatowoevil: 

That's it, cheeto man, don't listen to the FDA. Take the drug. :angercrywall:

food talk 

gonna make jam out of grapes that’ve been pickling in cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, and black pepper for like a month!! gonna go fuckin feral in the kitchen lads!!!

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