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BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET is entering its final week, and we still need to raise about $13,000 to make this book happen!

WANNA HELP OUT? We're doing another bingo card (featuring MY ART!!!) on Twitter at help us spread the word there! AND, if you haven't pre-ordered yet, head on down to and nab a copy for yourself! #kickstarter

they say that yee-haw culture is alive and well... but what about... sΓ­-haw...

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😈-8 days left before the campaign's end on November 6th
😈-56% more before $24,000
😈-We'd need ~297 USA-based pledges for JUST the book to make goal! That's it!
Support LGBTQ+ erotica artwork and LGBTQ+ artists today with BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET!

Enjoy saucy, sensual demons, but just don't have the space for a book? The Book of Shadows: BUFFOMET KS now has an enamel pin tier, with a design by yours truly!

10 days and 14k to go- help fund the most wild and luxurious queer pornography you've ever seen.

( )

ENAMEL PIN FANS: GOOD NEWS! Our stylish baphomet pin designed by the incomparable @itsnero is now available in its own standalone pledge tier!

We're ten days from the end of the BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET campaign and we still need to raise $14,000! Help us make the most obscenely decadent book of devil smut ever! (RBs also appreciated!)

OH I SAW THE LIGHTHOUSE LAST NIGHT (no spoilers since it JUST came out) 

I wanna go see it AGAIN very badly. that movie was 1000% feral Nero bait. it went as hard as The Witch but in a completely different way and I loved it.

bodymod talk 

my plugs keep falling out!!!! TIME TO SIZE UP


nausea mention 

I skipped 'dizzy' because I couldn't think of anything good and because I get nauseous easily, fight me

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bodymod talk 

new tattoo: acquired

I got bold after my other recent ear piece and got it on the top of my hand and HEY THAT HURTS, TURNS OUT,

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It's Nero!

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