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also there's no way I'm doing all 31 this year. I did that last year, I never have to do it again, and I treasure my Saturdays off. these are really just work warm ups so I can play around with some of my underused brushes :B

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1 (Ring/Harness) and 2 (Mindless/Public Nudity). I’m posting them publicly, but only subscribers get the high res versions, the final PDF for free, and input on the prompts for this year. Consider signing up on Patreon ( or via my shop (!

( )

Sent out the notification emails for everyone who applied to be a part of the Adult Artists Webring- if you haven't received anything, let me know. Next round will be late November/early December, ideally!

i still need to find a way to see midsommar!!! my desire for adrenaline and art needs to be satiated!!!!!!

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me, this morning: ahhh october, the spooky month, i shall savor these long days

me, an hour later: alright can we hurry it the fuck up already

adobe fresco (-?) 

FROM THE PATREON: i realize Uther and Galahad from Golden Trick! weren't my characters to begin with (they're @itsnero 's, natch), but they're sorta my step-characters! these boys are perfect and i love them deeply

storm the gates! subscribe today! #nsfw

the b+w pattern jiggle optical illusion is actually a cognitohazard engineered by puriteens that's going to snow crash all our problematic porn consumer brains when the final, fatal image featuring it is released, codenamed "GILGAMESH ASS"

it only took a half hour to get some boring white troll fool in my menchies, incredible

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Do you currently live in or have previously lived in the Vancouver, Seattle, or Portland areas, aka the land stolen from the Duwamish people? Consider paying reparations!

(Especially you, white techies. I see you.)


Why not check out my #Patreon :patreon:? We are close to the goal that covers my rent and bills! Every bit helps!

⭐️Early access to art
⭐️Access to my Discord :discord: server
⭐️Voting membership to help me decide what to draw and the ability to send prompts
⭐️A “saving up” tier to get commissionss without breaking the bank
⭐️(LIMITED SPOTS) Art at much lower prices than usual only available through patreon (up to a quarter of the usual rates)

#fediart #mastoart

meat consumption, family planning, environment 

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