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it’s officially fall, which means I can immediately begin wearing my knit wool turtlenecks with NO conseque-

Last day to send in an application for the Adult Artists Webring! I'll be emailing everyone as to their status by Sept 30th at the latest! \o/

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"The only thing worse than being bad is being mediocre. Luckily, Split Check is neither of these! Come check out the amazing new weekly comic about hot food and delicious sex, created by @itsnero and @irisjaycomics only on !"

half the fun of drawing comics is sitting around and thinking of weird SFX for people slapping things.

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You're Wrong About... (the podcast) 

You're Wrong About... (the podcast) (very brief mention of infanticide) 

NSFW art of a Shadowrun character of mine, Kostej. CW for: Latex, implied impact play, CBT 

bike: acquired

still needs: a kickstand and a deep clean

and also maybe to be painted black but we'll get there okay

the bike rack in our building is pretty secure so at least I won’t have to like, leave it by our door and frown at it all day!!

gonna go GET A BIKE TODAY and I don’t know how to ride one at all but WE’RE GONNA TRY

Starting that Friday off right! Support the art I make for only $5 a month by signing up for a subscription through Patreon ( ) or through my shop ( ).

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bodymod talk 

if anyone wants to send me four hundo lemme know yeah

that new zim movie is pretty neato actually 

that new zim movie is pretty neato actually 

I can't wait to ink and color this. it's gonna blow some socks RIGHT OFF. PCHOOOO

Nam-gi and Victor have been friends and coworkers for years, but after hours... Two pent up rope fiends collide! Get ready to read this (and more excellent comics!) in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver Edition, from Iron Circus Comics!

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slaps my knees DARE I MAKE ANOTHER ART TWEET TODAY. I DARE!! hold onto your butts

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