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Been a while since I've posted some illustration work! Satyrs are very naturally flexible dontcha know.

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June's Sketchbook is now available for download!

Support queer-made, independent erotic art and comics for as little as $5 per month: patreon.com/itsnero | shop.itsnero.com/products/nero

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deadly premonition 2 (spoilers??? -) 

@irisjaycomics It Takes Place In Louisiana

deadly premonition 2 (spoilers??? -) 

swery learned about trans people but now he must overcome the ultimate hurdle:

not being racist!!!!!!!

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deadly premonition 2 (spoilers???) 

me, ten minutes ago: oh boy there's a new jimpressions video about DP2!!!!! what's this about "francis yikes morgan" though huh

me, now: oh yikes

Whites: We will never know what happened to the American indigenous peoples 😢

Indigenous peoples: Quit telling everyone we're dead!

Whites: Sometimes we can still hear their voices 😩

**How Black & Indigenous Groups Won the Fight to Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline**

"Anti-pipeline activists are celebrating after Duke Energy and Dominion Energy announced they are dropping plans to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 600-mile pipeline that would have carried fracked gas from West Virginia to North Carolina and threatened rural Indigenous, Black and Brown communities…"


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on racism and human nature 

While ethnic conflict is a common theme of history, it isn't human nature. This is one of those correlation and causation things. Ethnic conflict, "tribalism", "us vs. them", war itself, that sort of stuff, that isn't built into human nature. That's what happens when things have gone wrong. The natural state, the default, human nature is far more amicable.

And paleontology is shedding light on this as well. The Neanderthals were a species of humans who lived lives remarkably like our own, they built tools and boats and were as intelligent as us.

The initial consensus among paleontologists was to assume we wiped them all out, violently, with spears and dogs, because they vanished from the fossil record within 10,000 years of when we came out of Africa. This assumption, that racial differences would have caused fighting and that we killed them all... well, it turns out that's probably not what happened...

This sculpture is unique. As far as I know it's the only one in America that staged the fight to death waged by an Indian warrior and a Spanish soldier, which happened in this case during Pizarro's troop take of the Saqsaiwan fortress that defended access to Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. The Indian warrior is Cahuide, the sculpture rises in Maca, a town near Arequipa, in southern Peru

council.seattle.gov/2020/07/06 BIG SEATTLE NEWS: the seattle city council FINALLY decided to pass a bill that will tax large businesses in the area in order to generate revenue for affordable housing and social services. this has been a long-ass time coming

local Seattle politics (+) 

@Ferrovore a big part of it is also that the tax can't be removed unless the city finds an equal/larger amount of funding from another similar source so this is IT, BABY!!!!!!!!

local Seattle politics (+) 



BonApp/Conde Nast(y) 

@elecray7k iirc weren’t they one of the main reasons NYC got that Freelance Isn’t Free law passed, bc they’re so so bad at paying people?? They seem like a nightmare to work with

BonApp/Conde Nast(y) 

I’m honestly not going to be surprised if CN just lets BA fold entirely. CN is run by some of the richest of the rich and they literally do not give a single shit about the livelihoods if anyone making under 1mil a year, much less equity or actionable change in their industry/org.

Really sucks but like lol we could’ve seen this coming a mile away the second hunziker made a sassy tweet, they’re looking for any excuse to can the video team entirely

i must admit a music crime 

@irisjaycomics i want a 5,000 word essay as to why

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