@wolfteeth a lot of people seem to be suggesting proton so that'll probably be what I go with :O thanks for the rec!

@elecray7k Streaming, P2P, and getting around country-specific versions of websites mostly, yeah!

i had cancelled my pia subscription earlier this year anyway because their geolocking is shit and their app is bad, so i'm just running out the months at this point

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hello masto i'm gonna ask a tech question. be normal thanks

which vpns are good these days? I recently read about that one former malware company buying a bunch of vpns (including pia, which I used) and was thinking of switching anyway. trying to decide between proton and nord??

The final 6 Deja Vu pages are up on Filthy Figments! They're also some of the horniest pages in this whole comic. 💦

Become a member at @filthyfigments@twitter.com to read through this and the other wonderful spicy comics in the archives!

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New Split Check pages are up! A man of many contrasts.

Read the most recent pages over at @slipshinestudio@twitter.com or get started on Patreon ( patreon.com/itsnero ).

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alcohol, bad alcohol, just the absolute worst alcohol delivery mechanism you can imagine 

@mark hmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmmm. no thank you

I would simply like to ban Chiyomaru Shikura from writing anything ever for the rest of his life

New Split Check pages are up! Wreck 'em.

Read the most recent pages over at @slipshinestudio@twitter.com or get started on Patreon ( patreon.com/itsnero ).

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progress pics of my wall renovation from start -> now 

@hi_cial DAMN nice job!!

@hi_cial @irisjaycomics unfortunately none of this author’s comics have an official English localization so it’s scanlations only :(

New Split Check pages are up! In Xavier's mind, 'powerbottom' and 'brat' are exactly the same.

Read the most recent pages over at @slipshinestudio@twitter.com or get started on Patreon ( patreon.com/itsnero ).

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illustrated haiku, CW for mildly grotesque 

chattering jawsteps / gnaw the manor’s grounds into /
tacky chewing gum

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

@Anderjak i am truly excited for this movie and i hope it is VERY silly

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