@Ferrovore "WON'T you think of the CHILDREN" i cry, loading up the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan for my children to watch over lunch

@Aros some wild british lady is saying that calling a woman a Karen is a slur. it's A Lot

@wolfteeth oh my god yeah 100%. people saw the cute akira/ryo fanart and just... watched it without bothering to read what it was about at all

remember when it came out and people were like "oh look at these screencaps of these nice boys" and then they watched it and said this was the downfall of morality

wild times

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don't mind me just thinkin about watching devilman crybaby aGAIN

covid, money 

opinions about The Killers 

opinions about The Killers 

opinions about The Killers 

March's Patreon sketchbook is now available to people supporting me at a $5+ level!

Thanks to those of you who are in a place to continue supporting me during this difficult time.


The Slipshine Spring Sale ends on March 31st!! Read over 20,000 pages of erotic comics with new pages added daily for only $9.95! Catch up on Golden Trick!, Split Check, and other excellent stories.


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The delightful @irisjaycomics will be chatting it up about Split Check (and more) on the Slipshine Studio creator panel in just a few along with many other excellent artists! We're promoting the current sale and previewing the upcoming site redesign - hosted here: picarto.tv/amandagaffeaday

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Thinking about picking something up to read this week or changing up your wall art? I'm doing a mail run tomorrow so now's a great time to try something new! shop.itsnero.com/

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