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Updated badges for Further Confusion this year! The Y2K badges are a new addition to go along with this year's cyberpunk theme. Available for pickup Friday morning at my table in the dealer's den. Email me ( to claim a slot!

I'm also doing Super Secret, Very Horrifying Cats Badges which are secret menu items only. They're too terrifying to show to the general public. Ya gotta ask!!!

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Just sent out a batch of new bottle pins today! If you missed the preorder a few weeks ago, you're in luck:

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New pins are in!! Still waiting on the backing cards before sending these out to those who preordered, but hey, they’re here!! (Bookmark to see when they go on sale again! )

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some heinous ancient art (some nsfw) 

The idea of an 'alpha' in a pack is pretty outdated and based on bunk science, but in this case... I think we can let it slide. 🐶

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The AAW website is live AND applications are open until the end of the year! Oh dang!! Visit for more info, or zoom on over to to apply.

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the hell that is twitter 

If you nabbed a little bottle demon from me during the pin preorder run I did last year, have I got a treat for you! A second, sassier imp has appeared and is now ready for preorders. 2x2" die struck- same as the long bottle pins, but now in copper!:

Preorders are open until Dec 28th, so there's plenty of time! This and orders containing this pin will not ship until the preorder period has ended, so keep that in mind.

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.@irisjaycomics and me talking about MGS plot holes we've discovered literally months later after watching LPs


Finally finished a non-Halloween icon!! This took way longer than it should've!! WHEN IN DOUBT... ZOOM OUT

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It's been a grip since I've posted a piece from my subscriber site, so here's a reward for dealing with me yelling about Kickstarters for a week.

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