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The Gang Talks About St Sebastian (generally nsfw also blood mention)

it’s officially fall, which means I can immediately begin wearing my knit wool turtlenecks with NO conseque-


"The only thing worse than being bad is being mediocre. Luckily, Split Check is neither of these! Come check out the amazing new weekly comic about hot food and delicious sex, created by @itsnero and @irisjaycomics only on !"

half the fun of drawing comics is sitting around and thinking of weird SFX for people slapping things.

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Nam-gi and Victor have been friends and coworkers for years, but after hours... Two pent up rope fiends collide! Get ready to read this (and more excellent comics!) in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver Edition, from Iron Circus Comics!

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"Golden Trick has reached its beautiful, bittersweet conclusion. Where will Uther & Galahad's adventures take them next? Read the complete Golden Trick series on & stay tuned for a sexy new series from @itsnero & @irisjaycomics coming REAL soon! "

If you want to read Golden Trick all in one go, now's the time!! :')

Recent commission of @Aros 's Succubrex character! I'll always go out of my way to draw hunky demons. πŸ”₯

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A hunky Kaa for , who won my anniversary giveaway earlier this month! 🐍🐍🐍

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I've been going a little ham with the rope art recently, whoops. See work like this several times a week by supporting me for only $5 a month! Sign up through Patreon ( ) or through my shop ( )!

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The PDF for the most recent sketch comic, Tooth & Lace, is up as well! Short trans dude tops his beefy monster boyfriend, and all that implies.

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