I have been watching like 40+ hours of mr wayneradiotv play kingdom hearts and I understand less about this game than when I went in

the first one was so bad that I truly do not understand how this became a franchise outside of disney brand recognition. the second one the only thing I can focus on is that the main villains name could be rearranged to spell MANSEX

my only exposure to this series as a kid was 1) reading the wikipedia article and 2) being on dA in the 2000s, so I've seen so many of these characters kissing and no idea why. still no idea why

fond memories of that one copic artist from new zealand (or australia) who drew only chibi-style roxas and axel ship art who got PISSED when a babysitting company stole a piece of fanart she did for a billboard and asked all her followers to call them about it

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