body horror, The Quarry plot spoilers 

so the newest Supermassive game isn't uh... TOTALLY terrible but ngl, having werewolves transform by literally exploding all their skin off their bodies in a nasty gore bubble is both hilarious AND interesting


The Quarry plot spoilers 

I do wanna know who was the wise guy that was like "oh yeah they definitely have spooky evil sideshows roaming around the American midwest in the year 2016"

The Quarry plot spoilers 

oh no sorry not the midwest, UPSTATE NEW YORK

The Quarry plot spoilers 

@itsnero is supermassive european? this feels like something a bunch of swedish guys would think

@irisjaycomics ted raimi, lance henriksen, grace zabriskie, and justice smith are all in this though so who can say if the game is good or bad

@itsnero i mean it's supermassive, so it's probably gonna be bad, but is it bad-bad or FUN-bad

@irisjaycomics the jury is out until I finish this LP, Little Hope seemed Fun-Bad and then the ending was the most insulting thing I've ever experienced in a game so

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