on a scale of 1 to Absolutely Not how polite is it to yell out your window at the seattle city light guy and ask him if whatever he's doing to the street lamps is related to the extremely loud explosion an hour ago

@itsnero nobody likes getting yelled at just walk over and ask normal style

@_ okay when i say 'yell' it's more like 'he's directly outside my window which is open, so i PROBABLY could wave and say hi in a slightly louder than usual voice. OR i could wait so that he can finish his job and just check the social media page for the electric company instead'

@itsnero The extremely New York answer is that it is your god given right to yell at anyone outside your window for any reason.

@elecray7k in seattle people are afraid to honk their car horns so i worry that this dude would simply explode into dust if i did that

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