drug mention 

I am simply beginning young queers to stop trying to get drug hookups through lex

your phones/IG/photos are attached to these accounts. who raised you

@itsnero I'm not saying everything about The Old Ways was a good idea, but "assume anyone you have not spoken to extensively outside the Internet can and will fire a nuclear missile at your house if you give them sufficient information, so don't do it" wasn't the WORST approach to personal privacy...

@Ferrovore considering that the sugar mommy/daddy grift on there was SO strong that they had to have a big “hey here’s some common scams and how to avoid them” banner added above the personals it’s definitely something people should consider lol

@Ferrovore @itsnero I've been worried for the younger folks who think it's a great idea to advertise that they're minors online. :( I made that mistake. Also used to use my real name online. Sheesh

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