reminded of the garbage ape today, which is simply an ape who brings garbage in the heathcliff comics

@itsnero garbage ape is a triumph of illustration. Have you ever seen so much energy and movement in a still image?

@itsnero reading way too much into this and concluding this is how cats see humans, we hold no more semantic weight to these cats' existences besides being celebrated harbingers of refuse

@itsnero Modern Heathcliff is a marvel. You stop trying to make sense of it ("Maybe it's a regional term for garbage workers, like they're so loud in the morning it's like an ape out there?") and just ACCEPT that children love the meat tank, with or without their ham helmets.

@itsnero His arrival is always during the waning gibbous phase of the moon and commentated by two color-changing birds with cartoon martian antennae.

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