man what the hell ever happened to monsterpit, i completely forgot that existed

every time i'm like "man i should just migrate to another instance that someone else runs so i don't have to pay for this instance every month" i get reminded that instances get shut down all the time and then i get Nervous

@itsnero it crashed, stayed offline for a while, then came back for a month before catching fire and burning down forever

@itsnero The admin just decided they were done with it one day and WHOMP, there it went! I know @Aros got hit by that pretty hard since that's where all the Brex stories had been publicly archived...

@Ferrovore @Aros yeah i was thinking about those and then was like "WAIT A MINUTE WHERE'D IT GO"

@itsnero Like, I'd been taking a bit of a break from it at the time since I wanted to focus on Just One Account and also hyper-specialized interest zones can contain THE most frustrating people on the planet, but it was nice to have around, you know?

Anyway, that's why @ComputerHusband has his AD on these days.

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