Happy Pride! Time for striptease round 2.

Every 25 rts on this tweet, 20 backers on the KS, or $300 in pledges will remove one item of clothing!

Check the campaign out on Kickstarter before it ends on June 13th: kickstarter.com/projects/itsne

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The RT and cash goals were hit, so: Nuts? Out.

Only 🔥 5 🔥 days left with just over 1k to go! Convince 30 more people to pick up the book. Tell a friend! Tell an ENEMY!:

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Happy 6/9 day! Nice.

There's only $537 left to hit our goal! That's just 15 more backers we need at the lowest book tier with only 3 days left. Let's get this funded so I can post the last image in this set!!

🔥 kickstarter.com/projects/itsne 🔥

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And the last one to celebrate being fully funded! Go wild, boys.

Less than 48 hours left! The mini-prints and bookplates are KS exclusives, so nab em now before they're gone: kickstarter.com/projects/itsne

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