Remember that melting screamy guy from the x-files opening? I wonder how he’s doing now

I’d post this on twitter but after the one guy who used to be Elaine’s Boss on Seinfeld @‘d me when I said I liked “The Postmodern Prometheus” I’m not ready for any more celebs to get up in my mentions


@irisjaycomics remember those old ass music dudes who got mad when you said their xmas music sucked

good times on twitter dot cum

@itsnero mannheim steamroller? yeah, i think they got pissed because what i literally said was "imagine if mannheim steamroller was your dad and every christmas you had to listen to him go WEEOOOW WAH WEEOP WOOP WEEP WOOP WAH WAAOOOUUUWWW all fucking day"

@itsnero some of the steamroller men were dads and did not take kindly to my comments

@irisjaycomics @itsnero As someone who unironically loves Mannheim Steamroller, this is still pretty funny. Dudes gotta chill out.

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