Oh ho HO look what came early! Preorders end next week on the 20th, but I couldn't help but snap some photos as soon as I opened the bag. They're so shiny!!

@itsnero Oh gosh, the production quality on these is SO NICE, love how the embroidery really brings out the shape of these celestial friends!


@Ferrovore thank you!! I'm super excited to make more patches with this company >:D

@itsnero Once these are able to be ordered, would you mind if I promoted them in a channel I'm in? There's a lot of trans masc artists in there who'd love to support a brother-in-spirit (plus I think they're cool and want my cool friends to be able to make rent via their cool art).

@itsnero Thanks much! I'll deploy this here link in about fifteen minutes so it's most likely to get eyes on it.

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