every time a white person mispronounces "spokane" irt to the city in washington it makes me shrivel up inside like a mystery vegetable you find at the bottom of the fridge

@itsnero why the fuck did thr white boy i knew who lived there say spocane

@Hi_cial i want to believe that maybe no one ever corrected him, just for funsies

@DirkGrundy i think if you don't live in the PNW and aren't talking about spokane you get a pass. OTHERWISE: >:o

@itsnero yeah that'd be like me getting mad at someone for not pronouncing manchaca or mexia correctly

@itsnero In related news, I always find it interesting how our local Spanish-language radio station switches the pronunciation of “Nevada” based on whether or not they’re reading out an org name that’s otherwise in English. Language is fascinating!

@itsnero For some reason I thought there was an Eric Clapton song about Spokane but apparently I misremembered the song Cocaine.

@irisjaycomics @itsnero I heard it as a kid when mom listened to it and had a limited grasp of English and an even more limited grasp on drugs but for some reason I knew there was a town in the US called Spokane.

@Ormur @itsnero I think we can shut down all of social media and replace them with this toot. It's perfect.

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