Borrasca (the og story and also the podcast) 

Bro this sucks on both a writing level and a general story level how is this becoming a Produced Podcast

Borrasca (spoilers, murder and gross shit - ) 

Author: “the podcast is a deeper dive into the universe, the lore, and our characters!!!!”

Me: ma’am this story is a thin excuse for u to talk about murdering pregnant women and lots of incest what lore u think is going on here

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Oh this author wrote for the haunting of hill house Netflix series that explains why this is even being given the light of day

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@Hi_cial okay but half the reason I was interested in it was BECAUSE it’s the guy who plays jughead but yknow what I’ll Take A Miss On This One

@Hi_cial I say “interested” when I actually mean “I saw it online and said Dear God Why aloud”

@itsnero i didnt know who he was so i was like whys this trash getting another 15 min of attention??? O a celeb on board ...

Borrasca (gross NSFW) 

@itsnero Me: "Huh, that name is familiar, which of the endless number of spooky story narrations have I heard that covered that? Was this the one about the town in Texas where a guy got a case of Jizz Spine or whatever?"

[15 seconds of Googling later] "OH IT'S *THAT* ONE, GO TO HELL"

Borrasca (gross NSFW) 

@Ferrovore I LEGIT DONT GET WHY PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS OVER IT, it’s like bottom of the barrel bad internet horror schlock cmon y’all!!!

Borrasca (gross NSFW) 

@itsnero I think people are prone to forgetting that "is long, has multiple entries" is not synonymous with "good in some fashion," like not every single Online Thing is going to be a Local 52. By that logic that one lady who wrote a ton of mildly spooky David Paulides knockoff fanfic (the stairs in the woods with occasional Bigfoots, that one) would be the next Pulitzer winner. And the latter aren't even TERRIBLE, just prone to getting gory when they don't need to!

Borrasca (gross NSFW) 

@Ferrovore okay I missed Bigfoot stairs somehow and I know what I’m looking for tomorrow first thing

it's not about Borrasca anymore 

@itsnero It's literally just The Missing 411 with extra spooky layered on, you can do a LOT worse. The more low-key entries in the series are actually pretty fun to think about if you're big on "unexplained weird thing happens" accounts like I am!

Borrasca (spoilers, murder and gross shit - ) 

@itsnero yyyyeaaaaaaaa like its better produced than qcodes last podcast but idk why they think the worlds vaguest cw at the start is in any way helpful

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