me, a normal ass human: wow this world of horror game is pretty fun i-

videogame: would you like a mega milk shirt on this idol character?

me: thank you.

@itsnero also holy shit this is like one step above having an ahegao hoodie as a cosmetic

@itsnero "i know the guy who made this game is from England, but he can't be THAT much of a weeb, right?"

NARRATOR VOICE: "But he was, in fact, that much of a weeb."

@itsnero Man, that’s frustrating, since what I’d seen of that game has looked interesting and fairly even-keeled. Even with a cameo by turtleneck-and-chain-clad Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as a chef for reasons inexplicable.

@Ferrovore it's been real good otherwise but it was definitely an unexpected reminder of Oh, This Creator Definitely Likes Anime Girl Boobens

@itsnero Words cannot state how refreshing it is to be back in the company of people who react to this sort of thing with “ugh, that’s kind of tiresome” instead of “IF YOU OBJECT TO THIS WEIRD TONE-DEAF ELEMENT IN THE ANIME GAME YOU ARE BIGOTED TOWARDS WLW ACTUALLY.”

I do not especially miss a rather big chunk of Twitter.

@Ferrovore i've had to start using twitter again for local protest organization and oh boy i'd forgotten just how much psychic damage you can get just from scrolling down for five minutes

@itsnero Awful accessories aside, I’d heard WoH is something like a mod-friendly single-player Ito-inspired digital Arkham Horror and I’ve been considering giving it a go at some point. Would you say it’s worth a serious look with the understanding that there can and will be weeb stink in some of the corners?

@Ferrovore oh deffo!! i've just been watching an LP of it so far but it's definitely been fun, extreme Ito-adoration aside lol

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