source is My Neighbor Was A Porn Star by Mec. it’s alright but if you wanna read it you should read it legally on futakiya instead of some shitty scanlation site that doesn’t pay authors for their work

@itsnero Oh hey, in the first dozen pages this comic is already treating women in the sex industry with way more compassion than most media, THAT'S nice. Hopefully it holds up!

@Ferrovore LOL YEAH I was pleasantly surprised by that!! There’s some Weird Consent/Relationship shit later but it’s alright overall. Mostly just wanted to give out the source of the screencap before people start asking!

@itsnero Also thanks for the heads up re: Futakiya, as a producer of bespoke dick-touch materials myself I do prefer to take the more ethical route of enjoying others' work whenever possible. It is IMPORTANT to keep aware of genre trends (especially if they suck and need to be reconstructed)!

@Ferrovore I really love futekiya!! Their library is free until June 1st but they’re not incredibly expensive monthly for the amount of reading material and for how pro-artist they are, haha

@itsnero I am absolutely going to keep this in mind. We have relatively few recurring subscriptions in our budget, but as things get increasingly comfortable as we recover from the financial ding from last year's move, this may change...

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