I didn't expect for Lana Del Rey to get cancelled today but here we are 

literally why am I not surprised that she finally went Full White Lady rn, covid brain makes fools of us all

Lana Del Rey 

@itsnero "Girl, sing your little cocaine carols and leave us alone." - Jamilah Lemieux

Can someone PLEASE connect me to the burn ward, there's been a terrible incident!

Lana Del Rey 

@itsnero Also I would like to know how "singing about having your ass out of your pants and feeling fantastic about it" is in ANY way comparable to "oh jeez that lyric sure sounds kinda skeezy and you don't seem to realize it does, you okay over there?"

I mean a little self-awareness is all people are asking. It's obvious that Kylie Minogue's "Where the Wild Roses Grow" duet is describing a Bad Thing, only people getting mad there are the ones ALWAYS mad at murder ballads.

Lana Del Rey 

@Ferrovore LOL YEP. one of the songs off LDR's Ultraviolence is literally about fucking a bunch of demons, why does she somehow deem this Better And Smarter than her non-white peers? it feels like she's one minute away from saying "I like all music except rap" lmao

Lana Del Rey 

@itsnero It's just the tired old Not Like The Popular Girls argument all over again.

As someone who did the whole DFAB high school experience I am well aware that girls/women are conditioned to turn on each other for the worst of reasons, but if one can't be sympathetic to people who express femininity in a different way than oneself, one needs to maybe chill out on that. Also "there's no room for submissive women!" is a fake-ass argument when ✨ that is what the patriarchy wants ✨

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