regardless of how you feel about the new Twilight book (nostalgia/hatred/whatever), it's important to remember how deeply screwed over the actual Quileute people of Washington were by Meyer:

The whole "Cullens are fancy and rich, while the werewolves are dirty poor brutish thugs" things sure is telling, huh. Sounds About White 🙃

@itsnero I never paid enough attention to the Twilight phenomenon to realize the werewolves were all indigenous people. That's racist enough, but they're based on a real tribe/nation? Yikes.

@itsnero I am always far more interested in critics/historians/etc. (such as the ones you’ve linked here!) taking the time to show how media like this hurts actual people over ThInK oF tHe ChIlDrEn pearl-clutching because kids want to start early on trashy vampire romances. “Here is how this has dicked over a specific tribe with their own name and identity” is always valid, “ewww a thing tween girls like got popular!” significantly less so.

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