sorry did everyone collectively roll back into 2006 internet while i was sleeping because i can't believe "cops are shit" is a phrase that has people going "BUT WHAT ABOUT-"


I grew up in Philly, I'm not white, I've had extremely bad experiences with cops, I've had friends grow up to be cops. Fuck cops. Throw em all into the ocean. Yes, even the ones you like. Especially the ones you like.

@itsnero I'm white. I've benefited from cop intervention in a non-metropolitan area of a majority white country that isn't the US. I've had friends & acquaintances be cops.

Every last one can go up against the wall anyway.

I hold the cops accountable for the reason I was in danger to begin with. Anyone that stays a cop is complicit.

If I, privileged white beneficiary, can figure this out by reading the many easy to find documented experiences of those less lucky, then others can too.

You have to put a lot of effort into staying ignorant at this point & if you're not ignorant, then you're invested. Cherry-picked "good cop" stories won't change my mind.

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