some heinous ancient art (some nsfw) 

People on twitter are doing that meme and looking at my old art makes my skin crawl so I dunno if I'm brave enough to toss it on there yet. The first two are from 2009 and the second two are from this year.



lineweight is for suckers, also I'm glad that I raze the ground every few years because some of my old art was truly and deeply terrible

the second 2009 page is from a comic I did in highschool that was a completely batshit crossover of Fahrenheit 451 and The Once And Future King, because we were assigned reports and I didn't want to write it because I thought comics were easier. I was but a tiny fool.

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@itsnero hey: i've heard you allude to this comic multiple times but I wasn't aware what the plot to it was and THAT IS A FUCKING BANANAS PLOT

@itsnero "I like to draw, I like to write, comics are just both at once, right? How hard can it be?"

And then you have to make something longer than 2-3 pages and reality crashes in through the wall, unwelcome and unwanted.

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