cw for drawn food (new comic promo!) 

Food, fucking, and handsome rivals- the first six pages of @irisjaycomics 's and mine's new comic are now up on ! Now updating every Tues + Thurs, with a delayed release on my Patreon ( ) and scripts on Iris's ( ).

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I've been wanting to do another comic that combines talking about food (and the food industry!) and sex in fun and creative ways, so I'm very excited about this. Expect to see a lot of me yelling about these two sweaty chefs quite a bit. Go read it!! \o/

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there's going to be a lot of kissing and then talking about how racism and classism affect the food industry on a base level and then also more kissing.

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*slapping my knees and playing spoons* let's get sweaty and talk about how the idea of 'elevating' 'ethnic food' and making it 'clean eating' is an extremely racist and insulting thing to do, also everyone is naked now

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@itsnero Apologies for this question; I am profoundly ignorant. What do "elevating" and "clean eating" mean in this context? I tried websearches and the results didn't point me at anything I recognized as helpful.


@orrery so 'elevating' is usually used as a term for bringing more 'ethnic' foods (usually street foods, like tacos etc) into a more mainstream, high class environment. 'clean eating' refers to when chefs will take aforementioned street foods and make them 'clean' by saying they're made non-gmo, with less oil, etc etc. here's a couple recent examples:

let me know if that makes sense!

@itsnero The ideas make sense, at least insofar as "okay, this is the label they're applying to these actions" goes. I have a hard time imagining that one could do either of them and have the outcome be "authentic," at least as far as what I understand most people would consider "authentic." Thank you for the explanation!

@orrery yep! and even the idea of 'authentic' in food is extremely flawed on a lot of levels! it's definitely something we wanna talk about with this comic, lol.

@itsnero I have a lot of Opinions about the concept of authenticity in general. In general, I understand what people mean when they use it, but as a trans autistic person, I've been on the receiving end of weaponized versions of the idea too many times to be entirely comfortable with it. xvx

@itsnero Definitely looking forward to seeing where you and @irisjaycomics go with this!

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