Didn't get into FC 2020! That's it for me and furry cons, I guess- I have no others planned at this time, and FC 2020 was probably going to be my last. Oh well!

Psst! If y'all wanna see your fav artists at cons (esp furry cons!), consider also recommending them as Guests of Honor! This gets expensive!

IT MIGHT... END UP HAPPENING... due to some excellent pals! Let no one say the power of friendship didn’t solve at least a few problems

@itsnero Man, that's a bummer to hear. Best wishes for continued good fortune applying for TCAF, VanCAF, and similar comics-focused shows, you deserve to table somewhere you can make a killing!

@Ferrovore I was looking forward to the theme this year too!! I love cyberpunk bullshit!! PBTBTBBBBBTB

@itsnero As someone who only attends one con a year because it is literally in our backyard so we don't have to pay for travel or lodging: your valiant struggles to socialize with out-of-town peers while fighting against capitalism's fell shadow are acknowledged and inspiring.

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