hey mastofriends! I'm asking this over here since the general populace is VERY different from twitter:

How much would it cost to program/code a website similar to Patreon? Something very simple with not a lot of bells and whistles? Assume that the payment processing and all the general visual assets have been taken care of.

(Feel free to boost/tag whoever might be able to answer this.)


(ALSO yes I'm aware of payment processor troubles, let's just assume that's not a factor right now.)

@itsnero yeah like i'm not super experienced w/ web dev stuff but my understanding of scope is that on a technical level it's... a login system + a blog with category labels + assorted social-y bits-and-pieces, which isn't entirely trivial but it's also not a whole lot, so like a month or two of work for one or two web devs to get a working demo seems broadly correct

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