some immense weenie is writing bigoted garbage on the backs of some of the traffic signs around our neighborhood, so I guess I finally have a use for all these stickers I've amassed over the years. hope you like furries and holo stickers, you ding dong

I can TELL they're definitely a commuter, based on where the writing is placed annnnnnnnd also on the fact that this is not a rich white neighborhood. what a baby. go learn to knit or bake or something productive.

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@itsnero i can't wait to reeeally dig into our sticker collection and throw up some odd shit

@irisjaycomics do we have any of willow's dong stickers left bc those would be PERFECT for this.

@itsnero @irisjaycomics its a shame that the shit we use at work to basically dissolve oil ain't exactly consumer friendly in terms of purchasing, but boy howdy I bet a bottle of 50/50 acetone/methanol would strip the hell out of any racist stickers or marker

@itsnero @irisjaycomics rather, that mix IS consumer friendly. The one I use at work for oil stuff contains chloroform so that's kind of a no go

@itsnero @irisjaycomics and as somebody who spends a lot of time trying to MAKE things stick to things, a couple of swipes of just a regular ass craft glue stick on top of the original sticker before laying down a new sticker makes it WAY harder to peel off. But I'm imagining that this is kinda old news.

@irisjaycomics @itsnero I know I've also made things RESISTANT to these techniques by sandwiching it between two pieces of packing tape before posting it -- it's like field lamination.

@ComputerHusband @itsnero smart! and i bet the cheap, gooey packing tape is a lot harder to peel off than the stiff, heavy duty stuff, if personal experience is any indication

@irisjaycomics @itsnero my life is an endless struggle of getting things to either stick or not stick to each other, or to remove OR preserve paint pen

fyi, paint pen doesn't hold up for shit to like even the slightest amount of shit. And cheap ballpoint pens, surprisingly, are a lot more chemically resistant than you'd think.

@ComputerHusband @irisjaycomics the outside is ROUGH on those paint pens!! I also super enjoy the convenience of just slappin a sticker up in like five seconds and nyooming away, lol

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