@itsnero Stopped clock, etc.

Like you know when someones describes something you love using the worst possible language for it while still not being inaccurate? And then draws a weird lumpy Pixar bug next to it?

Could've been worse, I guess. Could've been Woody Allen from Antz.

@Ferrovore GOD every time I remember that Antz exists I get thrown back in time

@itsnero Any colony-insect movie which implies a male character ends up in a position of superiority (and it's not explicitly about gender, like if you were talking about a trans honeybee evaluating whether he wants people to see him as a drone--an explicitly male role--if he's still capable of doing worker tasks) gets RIGHT UP MY BUTT and not in a nice way, and Mr. Allen's thorough exhausting of any goodwill he might've had just makes it worse, y'know?

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