I wish I wasn't so bogged down with The Work bc a lot of talks seems extremely interesting and just bc I adore the idea of this, lmao

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@itsnero Frasierburg: continuing to be more culturally significant than Portland while only trying half as hard.

I mean that's the VIBE I get from y'all's descriptions of Seattle Things, anyway!

@Ferrovore LISTEN... IT'S TRUE

I deeply want PDX to be cool buuuuut also almost every non-white friend I have who moved there very quickly moved away, lmao.

@itsnero @Ferrovore more like Portland, BOREgon

but really folks Oregon's got the problems

@ComputerHusband @itsnero @Ferrovore that one Portlandia sketch where they’re trying to make a travel ad for Pirtland and they can only compare themselves with Seattle but want to make it clear they’re absolutely NOT SEATTLE is pretty much spot-on

@Ferrovore @itsnero let me tell you, Frasier captures the Seattle vibe about as well as I’m able to come up with a pithy comparison for any other show that claims to be “about” a city

Which is to say, not at all

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