@itsnero me and you and all our queer-ass friends who had their brains bent out of shape by MGS burning our fucking synapses out on what is ostensibly a big teetering Jenga tower of military bullshit

.@irisjaycomics and me talking about MGS plot holes we've discovered literally months later after watching LPs




a beautiful poster from one of sister’s students dads who is a community organizer in the outer mission in sf.

The Kickstarter for The Nib's next hardcover anthology is live! Be Gay, Do Comics collects some of the best queer comics by more than 40 awesome artists (myself included)! Peep it here: kickstarter.com/projects/theni

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Queer Eye: Japan 

the most influential tweet of all time. i think about it constantly. it shook the foundation of our world and the way we think about so many things

This is the only ❌✅ tutorial you will ever see me do and I'm only doing it bcs it's actually illegal in 42 states to cover a Beefcake up in a shapeless sweater and you should be aware of the law

Finally finished a non-Halloween icon!! This took way longer than it should've!! WHEN IN DOUBT... ZOOM OUT

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It's been a grip since I've posted a piece from my subscriber site, so here's a reward for dealing with me yelling about Kickstarters for a week.

Support my work for only $5 a month via Patreon (patreon.com/itsnero) or through my shop (shop.itsnero.com/products/nero).

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Just a little over one hour to go!! We've hit the initial funding goal but... can we score those artist bonuses at 27k? JOIN US (IN HELL) kickstarter.com/projects/87873

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BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET BINGO, ROUND 3. The art hiding behind this board is by the Fediverse's own hometown heroine @fluxom_art , and it's a DOOZY. Which goal will we hit first? What devious delicacies will be revealed? Help support the Twitter thread HERE: twitter.com/FortunaMedias/stat

And make sure to back our queer demon erotica anthology! We've got 12 hours left in the campaign with just under $5.5K left to raise! WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! 🤘 😈 🔥 kck.st/2MpBiaJ

October's PDF is now available- it's all the hi-res Inktober pieces! Plus some talk in the newsletter about Inktober in general + comics miscellany.

Support my work for only $5 a month: patreon.com/itsnero | shop.itsnero.com/products/nero

Support the Buffomet KS: kck.st/2MpBiaJ

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OH MY GOD WE HIT (and passed!) $18K. There's a little update about it, as well as the FULLY EXPLICIT version of the art I did for the book, up on the BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET Kickstarter! kickstarter.com/projects/87873

WHAT'S NEXT?? 13 hours left! Just $5,710 left to raise! (That's less than 150 book orders... 😈) Back BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET now, and don't forget to tell your friends about our campaign too! kck.st/2MpBiaJ

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