plant propagation makes me feel like a wizard... this one plant... is now.............. TWO

Alright, one last time for good luck :)
I've recently moved to Berlin for work, signed with an unreliable company that screwed me out of a flat (and possibly money) and am now moving from sublet to sublet, but need to find a permanent flat or WG with registration asap, preferably by November.

If you know anyone who knows anything, please let me know and signal boosts are appreciated!

I swear to god is home to some of the most unhinged multiple hour long rave sets I've heard in my life

shit around the ~40 min mark is something else

starting a web dev business where I make portfolio hubs and webcomic sites and literally nothing else

contrary to how much I whine about the internet being a mess I do like making funny little webbed pages online, honestly

So it turns out I can't ask for this directly without getting spammed by a bunch of thirsty artbots, but:

These issues will need covers! Should you, an artist, feel moved to contribute one of those, shoot us an email at listing your preferences!


2023 will be here sooner than you think -- start it off right by making sure you're ready for our upcoming issues!


made a video for my digital comic 'Second Spine' which launched today for the Shortbox Comics Fair! - CW flashing images / gore 

The comic is very silly, permeated with cool vignettes and I hope anyone that buys it is entertained by it!

#mastoart #comic #shortbox #secondspine #sajanrai

This one is from way back in May (because monster fucking is a year-round activity), but it felt appropriate to post as this month's public piece.

Want to see more spooky sexy art like this as soon as I finish it? Join me over on Patreon with the $2 per month tip tier or at $5 per month and get access to years of NSFW comics, sketches, and illustrations!

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Just FYI a gay dude born in a Japanese internment camp went on to participate in just about every major social movement from the 1960s to 1990s and co-wrote a book with Buckminster Fuller and babysat MLK Jr's kids and generally lived a life of fun and crime and yet no one has made a single movie about the guy:
I especially enjoy his Fuck the Draft ad, which could be sent to a select group of "mother__s" if you ordered 5 or more posters.

New Split Check pages are up! What're these punks up to, huh?

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

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rubbing my gay little hands together as I prepare to post the most unhinged pornography October 1st

Streaming inking some comic pages tonight @ 5 pm PT! Come hang (and as always, 🔞).

This is going to haunt me ALL DAY. What else is possible. If you inflate yourself into an orb CAN you actually get faster at bikes?? Yes this happens in yowapeda

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I can’t believe that a few months ago on here I was yelling about how yowamushi pedal is some silly unhinged shit and then someone literally went and did the scene above sans bug tf and it worked. What the fuck.

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New Split Check pages are up! If you know what I mean... wiiiiiiink.

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

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